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 | By Cynthia Kaan

Where Do We Go for The Holidays?

Do We Go Anywhere?

Ah, the holidays. Twinkling lights. Scents of pine and hot chocolate. The joy of travel plans. So how can you joyfully decide where your travel plans will take you, or whether to visit his parents or her parents?

COMMUNICATE. This is a key ingredient to keeping the joy in the plans. Communicate with each other and with each of your parents – and do it early. What are your expectations? How is everyone feeling on the comfort scale regarding the pandemic? How is everyone’s health?

PRAY. More specifically, pray to St. Christopher – the patron saint of travelers. Ask for protection and safety for all involved, as well as his assistance in the planning.

ALLOW FLEXIBILITY. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that plans are not promises. You may be set on visiting your parents, he may be set on visiting his. Technology has made it possible to feel closer to one another across the miles and may have to be an agreed-upon compromise.

Remember this is just one holiday season; there will be others when travel doesn’t seem quite so hard. Give respect and provide grace to one another through the planning process. There is always joy to be found when Christ is kept at the heart of the holiday season.